Abandoned Amercian Muscle Cars

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By Dave Ashton

‘Cosmic monsters!’ That seems to be the first exclamation from these two guys when they discover a bunch of abandoned sheds which they crawl into and find quite a bunch of undiscovered treasures. As the guys discover one thing after the other for the first time, the video is almost like the first opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb rather than a barn find of old vehicles.

Both of these guys have North of England accents and as one of two of the vehicles they find have English licence plates, it’s a presumption that this place is located in the UK. The only clue to where this location could possibly be is right at the end of the video with a few seconds of outside shots showing some dilapidated buildings. The sheds themselves first look like an abandoned business that serviced lawnmowers and a few tractors, but then a few vehicles start to appear and the rest of the abandoned items.

Uncovered cars include a Corvette Stingray, Camaros and a few transmissions amongst the piles of other stuff. The most appealing thing about this video is that it is the constant ongoing surprise of the guys and how they are blown away with every item they uncover. From their tiptoeing around and quick access, it doesn’t look like the guys will probably be back to salvage the vehicles and get them restored, but we hope something comes of the vehicles and the spare parts, rather than going straight to the junkyard.

Definitely worth a watch.

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