What Muscle Car Would You Buy For $30K?

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If this was the new muscle car market you could get a V6, with a healthy 300 hp for under $30,000. You would have the choice of Camaros, Mustangs and all the Dodge Chargers and challengers which are a good few years old, but what about choices from the classic muscle car era?

We have recently interviewed a few well known muscle car sellers from around America, from the big to the small, asking each of them what they recommended for the $30,000?
Each of them more or less said that you can buy a daily driver for $30,000, but if you’re looking for something that is approaching the show or investment grade, then this is really the bottom end of the scale these days.

Depends what you’re looking for….
If you trawl through the ad listings, auction sites or even Craigslist, you will find plenty of muscle cars for $30,000, but under this price point you should expect to have some work on your hands in some form of restoration work. this could be anything from minor bodywork to a full rotisserie restoration.

Rare optioned cars fetch more money than base models. A well restored muscle car is worth more than an unrestored muscle car.
Really, it’s down to the rarity and condition. So, you have to weigh up if you are prepared to put work into a vehicle you want or to just buy and drive away.

Decide what you want.
It’s helpful to just make a quick written list of your priorities for a muscle car and what you want for your money.
If you are reading this and money is no object, then you have the pick of the bunch, but this is all about getting the most bang for your buck and even with limitless resources, this is always a good mindset.

Shortlist some example vehicles and prices to get an idea of what you can get for your money. Websites such as Hagerty give a good general overview of current pricing for muscle cars, so for each car you shortlist, check its current market value to give you a rough idea of the price.

They are out there, so find them.
If you’ve been keeping up to speed with muscle car prices over the last few years you will see that they have risen dramatically in price. If this trend carries on or not is unclear, a bit like betting on the stock market, but at this time there is no sign the prices are declining in any way, so maybe this is the time to buy a golden era muscle car if prices are going to continue to climb.
In some ways, better to spend $30,000 now on something reasonable than $30,000 in a few years time on something that needs a full restoration.

We will always be in the bolt of trying to get the best for our money and buying at the right time, so keeping an eye closely on the market and what you can get your money will better inform you in the long run.

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