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This post was born out of reading the which states that the new Dodge Challenger SRT hellcat has more horsepower for the money than supercars and the fact that generic small cars have more horsepower now than their contemporaries of even 10 years ago.
A 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat has 707 hp for $60,990. A Lamborghini Aventador has 741 hp for $494,000. A Corvette Z06 has 650HP and is more or less equal to this.

This is great news for the modern muscle car, but what about our beloved old school muscle cars?
They did eventually suffer from gas embargoes and emissions in the early 70s which meant all their horses escaped, but up until that point you could get some serious horsepower for your money.
In this day and age this means that for the average price of a Sedan that is a few years old, you can get an old school muscle car, which properly maintained, will hold its price for years and has plenty of grunt under the hood for years. (it may be lost a few horses over the years, but that applies to any car.)

Take this 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 340 engine found on eBay. Officially around 290Hp, not amazing by today’s standards, but this engine was very simple to modify and build upon, which could ‘up’ the horsepower numbers considerably. Not as easy to do with modern vehicles even though they may have more horsepower per cubic inch or liter.
Also, official horsepower ratings at the time of publication were usually very underestimated to keep down costs, so you did actually get more horsepower for your money.

The other great advantage of a classic muscle car is that it is more likely to hold its price and those horses go straight to the ground. You get raw, direct to the floor power, which means the driving experience is way more fun……. a bit more dangerous, but way more fun!

1970 Dodge Challenger 340
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It’s not just about horsepower.
The humble, golden era muscle car is a package, not just a horsepower rating. That’s one of its advantages.
You are buying a car, power, a story, history and most importantly, the ability to do some great donuts, all important stuff!

So when you choose your next vehicle, bear in mind the classic muscle car. It will give you just as much excitement, just as much horsepower and torque, you just need to give it more TLC than its modern equivalents.

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