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Weird Muscle Car Paint Jobs

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By Mark Weisseg

I don’t know about you but I am glad this fad died.
I remember so many cool cars of the 60’s and 70’s that received these fantastic paint jobs. Back in the day it was the thing to do and it attracted much attention. Today, If it is a survivor, it will still grab much attention in a positive light.
However, buy one of these classics and paint the car like that today and you will also get attention. All the attention you do not desire.
Like many things of its time, it was a fad. Clothes, hair, music and car fashions. If not, we would still be wearing zoot suits and listening to Guy Lomardo. So, things we live with everyday must change and we hope for change for the better.

The car pictured here was and is a classic. If this paint scheme was done back in the day the owner could expect a lot of attention.
It’s the kind of car you would see at a custom car show. All the kids would dream of driving something like this. All the fathers wish they were young again so they could have been a part of this fad. But today our fast muscle cars are simplistic.
If you buy a ’69 Nova chances are you will stick to a stock color unless you intend on making the car a show hot rod. Then you might take some liberties.

Rarely do you see anything this wild today. But, there is a market for that in the rat rod world where it seems anything goes. However, I have not seen anyone paint their car like this in years. It was a fad and a good one but, we have moved on. Who knows what the next fad will be in the up coming years. Let’s hope it’s in good taste.

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