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Automotive Inventions We Are Glad Didn’t Work

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By Mark Weisseg

This could be more than likely a publicity photo or stunt but you never know. The photo out dates me so anything is possible. But, a cage on a police bike?
Sounds like a Weiner of an idea to me rather than calling in the wagon as we once called them. It looks like a Buster Keaton movie role but let’s stop and think of the possibilities. Take the kids to the Dairy Queen, keep the wife in her element, take Snoopy the dog for a drive in the country or round up all the people that said they would help you restore your next project.

The image is also a reminder of those interim inventions that could have been, but we are glad they didn’t. Many have come and gone in the car world, which seemed a great idea at the time, but in hindsight really didn’t cut the mustard.
Can you imagine if this invention caught on. You get stopped on the way to work and have to face the humiliation of temporary roadside imprisonment. I’m glad we now live in better times.

Either way it’s a funny little picture to get you to smile during our incredibly long heat wave we are living through. I know the muscle car guys are loving it as they can drive without fear of rain or snow, but for those of you without the creature comfort of air conditioning in your old car, you are a hot potato. See, I have several cars without cold air coming out of the vents so I let them sit while I drive the ones that do.

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