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Fast Muscle Car Safety eh?

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By Mark Weisseg

I studied this picture and thought how lucky this guy was to have lived. It reminded me and should remind you about safety in your muscle cars.

I have heard of guys that don’t use seat belts because any kind of accident will deploy the air bags. Bad theory. What if they do not deploy?

You can go back in your brain and remember as I do when Dale Sr was killed on the last lap of the Daytona 500. The accident did not look all that bad on TV except he was going over 200 miles an hour and was not strapped in like drivers today. His head was jerked so hard and fast it bounced off the steering wheel probably killing him right away. Go back and look at his helmet he wore along with the shades. Terrible accident.

But, his death straightened NASCAR out and they fixed the safety issue once and for all. I, like you have seen some terrible accidents and after the dust settles the driver gets out a bit woozy but alive. A few years ago the Indy Cart series lost a popular driver to an accident. I was at the Indy 500 years ago when a driver hit the wall and his car slid hundreds of feet past us with his feet dangling out on the track. Somehow he survived but was killed about a year later in yet another accident out of the country.

My point is simple. When you get your fast muscle car out on the street and decide to try out the gas pedal more than you should be prepared for anything. Thank the engineers that we have three point seat belts and safety bags that cover the entire inside of a car today. Modern muscle cars have all the computer gizmos to keep most people on the road, but any older vehicle can definitely sting you if you drive it badly.

And yet, people die every single day in America in car accidents. Texting, drunk driving, careless driving, and sometimes just bad luck kills every day in this country.

We lost a member of our family years ago to a very odd accident involving black ice. Trust me folks, it’s a phone call you do not want to get. Slow down, buckle up, follow the laws, think ahead and use your brain. Remember, defensive driving was taught to all of us at one time. Not careless or distracted driving. All of us still see texting while driving. Why is it so hard to stop such an act? Do you want a funeral in your family? There will be nobody to blame but your corpse.

Stealing the Spiderman saying, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’ If he was talking of high-performance cars, Spidey couldn’t have been more correct.

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