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I smell a Caddy Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

This picture was taken recently and one could only hope the Caddy is in for better days. It is being pulled by that little U haul truck, so we need to take the assumption that someone is either moving house or the truck is filled with Caddy parts.

Let’s hope it’s Caddy parts. Now I admit I am not a Caddy guy but I did own a Eldorado in the 80’s. What I discovered back then is that parts were available but holy smokes were they expensive. I’ll bet nothing has changed and my guess is that the older ones like this are worse.

A friend of mine has a terrible desire to own a ’58 and I remind him if he buys one to watch his bank account drain. But, sometimes love is worth the price paid and I guess at some point he will fine one in his budget. I have cruised eBay and Craigslist on these old Caddy’s and it’s not a pretty scene. Sure the car is pretty but they are slow, heavy, unique, but also part of the American Fabric.

Unless you have Hennessy do your engine and brakes you will never go fast. All you will ever do is cruise in a low rider and stop at a lot of gas stations. Unless you make modifications it will never be a fast muscle car.

Hats off to the cats doing this restoration because they are in for the biggest labor of love I can think of. Certainly I would rather have them restore this than it go into the crusher but I wish I saw them and pulled them over. I would have looked this barge over and hopefully had a talk with these guys. Maybe they would change my mind but I have seen guys start projects like this and stop a quarter of the way through. They run out of money and energy. Some cars are best left to the experts I guess.

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