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When the rest of the media are talking about the youth of today having no interest in cars and are more interested in their smart phones, the reality can be far different.

Valley Car Club it’s not just about the cars, it’s about the cars being a conduit for the community and the youth.

Jamaine Hill’s inferno red Dodge Challenger R/T with 26-inch rims is one such member who understands completely what it is like to have inspiration and goals to aim for.

“I always said I would get me one, now I’ve got it,” he said. “I grew up at the racetrack. We had a (1969) Camaro. When I first got in it, I wasn’t even in the driver’s seat — I was in the passenger’s seat. But when it crunk up, the whole car just shook, and from there it was on for me. I started asking questions like, ‘What’s that?’ I was hooked.”

The idea is for the car club to show that you can have nice things and get them in the right way.
To be honest with you, where I grew up, all these kids look up to the drug dealers,” he said. “They’re the only ones around there that have nice things, jewelry and all that. Of course, they’re young, and they’re going to want it. So when they see someone like us come through with a bunch of cars like that, it draws attention and draws the kids to us, and then we talk to them and let them know what it is, how we got it. I try to let them know, if you have to get it fast and the wrong way, it ain’t going to last.”

Fundraisers are held throughout the year and the money raised put back into the community.
“We might run into a child that’s already on the block selling dope, and we might could make a difference in his life,” he said. “It’s all about change. Everyone’s human, and just because you mess up once doesn’t mean you have to keep going that route. You can always change.”

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