Car Restorations: Frame Off Or Mop And Glow

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Hot Night’s Hotrods, 16524 Hurontario St, Caledon, ON L7C 2E5, Canada, have been restoring hot rods for many years and show here the difference between a full frame off restoration and a Mop And Glow.

For anybody who’s attempted any type of patchwork or restoration on a car will know that even the smallest of jobs, requires preparation, thoughtfulness, patience, time and money, if you want to do a professional job, so here are the two main areas for your consideration.

Full frame off restoration.
Performed by those with the knowledge skill and experience to take a vintage muscle car completely apart and rebuild like it has just rolled out of the factory.
A rotisserie is used (just like cooking a chicken) to prepare the chassis, then build the car up from there. From an empty shell to the last nuts and bolts, this is the process that goes into the most sought-after of vehicles.

Mop & glow
We have probably all done a ‘Mop & glow’ inadvertently on our cars, as the process is mainly cosmetic, essentially beautifying the car without going into the guts of a full restoration.
This can be anything from touching up the paintwork, to a new interior or bodywork.
Some cars may only need this level of restoration for their own particular purposes, it just depend on each cars needs unreal what Leona wants from the car.

Any type of restoration process is for the dedicated and is never a quick fix.
It may look straightforward on a TV show, but you usually find it is a team of people with years of experience, knowledge and all the resources they need at hand to take a car from a rusted wreck, break it down to its bare components, then build back to factory condition, but that doesn’t mean one man and a garage cannot do the same with enough dedication.

Check out Hot Night’s Hotrods for more.

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