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How They Used To Tow A Race Car

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By Mark Weisseg

Clearly this shows all of us who have trailer queens how to take a car to the next show. Forget an enclosed trailer or renting a U Haul trailer. Just drive that sucka right in the back of your pick up truck.

Yes, get wood ramps and a friend or two and slowly drive the trailer queen right onto your bed. Easy, 1,2,3 and you are off to the show.
Those fools who spend big bucks to get there classic car to an event are losers. Save money, save gas, and if you use a toll road save on tolls. Why this idea did not catch on is a mystery to me.

Simple, affordable, easy, and you always have eye contact with your other car. Just drive normal speed in the slow lane and I doubt anyone will even notice. You will be considered by many to be smarter than the average lunk head that wastes money by using conventional means.

It is just like those fools that buy a four slice toaster. Just buy a two slicer and put your bread in twice. Duh. Why use a toilet when a sink is the same hole that goes where the urine goes. Start using the brain in your head and you will enrich yourself with tons of money by using the common sense approach to life. Why wash your clothes every week when you can turn everything inside out to wear again and again. It’s a new fashion statement just like when those fools pay big money for jeans with holes in them.

Obviously, not every idea written down on paper works in the real world, like the ones above, but it does show early ingenuity and if you needed to do something back then, you just found the best way to do it. It may not be the safest, but back in the day if it worked, it worked.

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