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A 1959 Nash: Maybe Not The Fastest Classic Out There.

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By Mark Weisseg

I have been holding this picture hoping to get it out of my mind but it stuck like a bad song over and over.

I admit right up front that I briefly owned a 1959 Nash. Everywhere and I mean everywhere I went I allowed an extra 30 minutes to answer questions and show people the micro car.
I bought it from a dealer in Florida who stretched the truth a bit but all in all it was a Metro.

The engine I believe was either a Triumph made or Kevinator but it was slow. Three speed on the column and the worst brakes you could imagine.

One night at a car show after the crowds slimmed down, a guy walked up to me and said he had a complete engine and trans for a 59 Nash and would I want it. I declined his offer as I did not want to sink any more money in the car. He took a deep breath and told me it was free if I would pick it up. So, on second thought I decided to do so and did with a friend. The guy had a cool house with an old boat, an old Camaro from the 80’s, a few ATV’s and other items laying around.

While I waited for him to come out I walked around the house looking for anything golden but it was all in bad repair. He tried to pawn off two ATV’s on me as well but these things were beat to death and I did not want my yard looking like his.

I drove my little Nash to shows and around the town I live in but it was so small I never felt safe in it. It was a great conversation piece but that is about all.

Finally, I listed it for sale and a guy and his wife came from southern Kentucky in a huge ford pick up truck and a very long trailer. He bought the car for what I was asking and was over the moon happy. So happy, I threw in the extra engine and transmission for him. I asked his plans and he and his wife were heading to Columbus Ohio for the spring show.
They intended on selling or flipping the car right there and then buying something else to haul home in the trailer. Nice people, full of money and I wished them well.

The Nash was never meant to be fast and it was rather quirky. The neighbors and people around town that saw it loved the car. Even some young people stopped by one day to take pictures of it as it seemed like it was from another world. In a way, it was.

The moral here is that quirky looking and a performance car don’t usually go hand-in-hand, it’s usually one or the other.
So, decide if you want a quirky looking car or a performance machine. Both will probably need loads of work, but they really are at both ends of the spectrum.

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