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How Service Stations Used To Be

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By Mark Weisseg

These old photographs are a nice reminder for guys and gals like me that grew up with the old filling stations format but even better for the younger crowd.

The service station was a center attraction in every town. It is where you would go to put FREE air in your tires. There was always a candy machine and a pop/soda machine. They pumped your fuel, checked under your hood, and usually were as nice as can be.

The people who worked there were part of the town and everyone knew them. Old men seemed to gravitate to these places and spin stories for hours. The folks that owned these service stations worked long hours and usually six or seven days a week.

Road maps were available inside as well as were facilities to service your vehicle. Tubes and tire patches were available to buy and of course a pay phone was available. Sometimes you would see an old tow truck parked in the lot and the bell cord ran the width of the lot. It seemed that bell rang a thousand times a day at times. There was pride in ownership and as these icons faded a piece of ourselves was gone as well.

It’s another “thing” I miss about my youth that will never return. I saw a station in Boulder City Nevada a few years ago and I was mesmerized by just the images it brought back to my brain, but times move on.

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