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By Mark Weisseg

This is more about the used car lot than it is about a 74 Dart with bumperettes. Do you remember. these places?

It’s funny now. The used car sales people were made to work in a old trailer. The floor squeaked and they had one bathroom. Little cubicles were in fashion so that you could listen to everyones conversation. So as you bargained for a deal everyone would hear you.

Also, many people smoked back then and inside! Lord have mercy that people smoke inside a building. So, if you sold new cars you got to work in the modern big building and have a cubicle and smoke. But, your lowly used car sales weirdos were placed in a trailer with a air conditioner on the side of the building.

Four steps up to get in the trailer and a coat rack near the door. The future classic cars also had there very own space. Separate from the new cars of course.

So, the used cars and the lowly sales people were put away from the big building and the service department. Ironically the car dealers made more profit on a good used car than they did on a new shiny one. But yet, the sales people were lepers. Keep those used car slobs away from the big fancy building where they played music inside. At least the new car sales force could walk around inside the building on a bad weather day. But the used car losers only had a trailer. Oh have times changed.

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