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Not A Mustang For A Change…

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By Mark Weisseg

We all laugh at the guys who crash there Mustangs while leaving a car show. It’s YouTube history. Everyone talks about it and we shake our heads. Why just Mustangs?

Are all Mustang owners this stupid or is it that we just don’t see other crashes filmed? Well, this little jewel is a Jeep.

Yes sireeeeee, a youngster went and got his parents new SRT 8 Jeep and took it for a drive. Like all good teenagers he drove fast and had a ball. So, he decided to show off and this is the result. Funny huh? I am sure he will tell his parents the gas pedal stuck or a herd of deer ran out in front of him. But we all know every new car today has the black box. It’s makes liars out of liars. This young man is in heaps of big trouble.

It goes to show that it’s not necessarily the vehicle, but the driver that is at fault. It just so happens that the Mustangs being the most common powerful vehicle get captured the most.

So, when you want to show off try not to kill yourself.

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