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An Unsung Hero: The Plymouth Duster

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By Mark Weisseg

This Demon/ Duster is a lost soul. Everyone focused on the Chargers and Road Runners back then. Even now they don’t get that much attention. But holy smokes. You buy one with a 340 or drop in a larger engine and you have yourself a four wheel monster.

The Plymouth Duster was made between 1969 and 1976 with engine sizes ranging from a 198cu to a 360cu V8. You could have such options such as in 1970, the gold Duster trim package, in 1971 the Duster Twister, which came with a base I6 or 318 V8, but it was always the 340 or 360 that was wanted by the speed freaks.

The car suffered from the same emission regulations and limitations of the early 70s as most muscle cars, but to this day the vehicle is still a great platform as a collectors item or for modification.

My brother had a great friend that had one back in the day. We would steal Moms bleach and and pour it under the back tires. Then, he would stand on the gas pedal while his other foot was gently on the brake. Clouds of white smoke billowed out of the rear quarter panels and all of us little punks would laugh and laugh. Later, Mom would come around and ask if any of us knew where her bleach went. How did she not see huge white clouds of smoke, burning rubber and an engine racing to the limiter is beyond me. But, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for these unsung heroes.

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