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Two 1970 Plymouth Superbird Barn Find!

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By Dave Ashton

Finding one Plymouth Superbird as a barn find in good condition is a rarity, finding two is just showing off. But this seems the case with these two eBay listings. One of the Birds here is B5 blue with white bucket seats and the other in Alpine White with black bucket seats.

The Current seller was apparently at an auction bidding on a blue Superbird which he won, when he was approached by a man offering for sale two Superbirds which have been in his possession and storage for the last 40 years. He bought them from the original owners who he knew personally. He had licensed them until 1985 and 1987 and then put them in storage since. Now both are for sale with a current bid of around $150k.


Both have a 440ci. Super Commando 4 barrel engines, one is a manual one is an automatic. Both have clearly been kept in good condition over the years, with the bodywork on both of them looking in fine shape with only the interior in the blue one looking like it has some surface mold which stand outs on the white interior. Probably the white Bird is in the best condition of the two.

The White one has 42,497 miles and the blue one 27,419 miles on the clock. Both are being sold separately and presumably the engines are in running order. Clearly these are rare finds and it’s great to see two more Superbirds coming back into existence.



Find out more about the blue Superbird listing here.

Find out more about the white Superbird listing here.

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