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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Wide Body 1000HP

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by Dave Ashton

VIN: 2c3cdzc99jh296721
Engine: 6.2L 707hp
Mileage: 1,080
Transmission: 8 speed Automatic
Exterior Color: Destroyer Gray
Price: $81,999.99


Firstly, you have the Hellcat and then came the Hellcat wide-body. But what if this wasn’t enough for you? This listing is for a Hellcat Widebody with quite a few performance upgrades, Dyno’d at 897RWHP and 840RWTQ. Stock the car makes 634RWHP, so this one has had quite a power increase. The performance upgrades are listed below listed as coming to over $20,000 in cost.

It comes in the cool sounding Destroyer Grey and only has 1,080 on the clock. The wide-body look makes the car look even beefier than a regular Hellcat and with his performance upgrades, you’re getting quite a package here.

A regular low milage Hellcat you can pick up for around the mid $50k mark, so you have to factor in the wide-body and performance upgrades to justify the asking price. Basically, if you want something as an added extra on top of a normal Hellcat this could be a possible option for you.


Performance Upgrades

-Supercharger Hub Assembly
-Custom Upper Pulley
-10% Lower Crank Damper
-Stainless Catalytic Delete Mid Pipes
-PCM Mod
-160Degree Thermostat
-Spark Plugs
-Custom Fuel System Upgrade to be able to Run E-85
-1800lb Injectors
-Air Intake
-Belts, gaskets and Seals
-Chromoly Rear control arms (proper camber for traction on lowered car)
-Aluminum 4″ One Piece Drive shaft rated for 1000hp+
-Mopar Lowering Suspension
-Windows tinted all the way around
– All badges removed
-All marker lights tinted
-315-30-20 Nitto NTo5r drag radials


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