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By Dave Ashton

The visual appeal of a muscle car is one of its standout features. Its name echoes its design. Muscular looks, with strong flowing lines straight from the factory. The additional benefit of a muscle car is that custom upgrades to its overall design features only to enhance its look.

You could argue that custom features can be added to any vehicle. Give it a better paint job, shaved door handles, add a supercharger and you’re good to go. The problem is that other vehicles just don’t seem to have a better finished off end look. It’s almost like the muscle car is a great blank canvas for any further modifications.

If you want to visually stroll through a ton of example images of customised muscle cars, a few social media galleries are a great start. Obviously our website has a load of muscle car examples as a start point which should be your first port of call. Just work your way through past articles or use the search box in the top right-hand corner to find a full range of vehicles.


Clearly one of the best Galleries of muscle cars is going to be Pinterest, enough here to keep your eyeballs occupied for hours. You’re going to get images of all sorts of muscle cars here. As there were from the factory to Pro street, restomods and beyond. When you see them all together as a whole and in comparison to each other, it really does show how different the cars of the late 60’s and early 70’s are from the vehicles today. It’s not just the squared off looks of something like a Plymouth Roadrunner or Chevy Nova that looks so unconventional, seeing something like a vintage Dodge Challenger or even a Plymouth Superbird by today’s standards, almost looks alien.


If you want to take away some inspiration to either inspire you to get into the hobby or even for a future car build, there’s enough on our website and at the link above to keep you going for quite a long time.

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