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By Mark Weisseg

Gee, what’s wrong with this picture? Back in the day there were millions of people who resisted the change from riding a horse to driving a car.

Henry Ford gets the credit for the mass assembly line and making the Model T cheap enough for the average person to buy a car. It’s an odd thing to ponder today when you go way back to the early 20th century regarding cars and horses. For those who did not live in the so called big city they rarely moved more than 20 miles from home. Why? Simple. The journey was too long and too tough. We see old John Wayne cowboy movies and see these rough riders ride there horses for days on end. When they arrive in the new town they are shaved, clean, and ready to drink and fight. It’s obviously the opposite.

Mass transportation in the cities was the first means of decent travel. Horse drawn trolley cars were eventually replaced by electrified street cars. For anyone with the some mileage and wrinkles on them you may remember the web of overhead lines. It was a mess. I have mentioned two facts before that I find interesting that I will bore you with again. One of my Grandfathers worked as a street car conductor in the city of Chicago. He loved his job and even kept his job throughout the depression. So, the family was never rich but they never starved. He only retired when the city started moving away from street cars to buses. He did not want to drive a bus. So, retirement ensued. My other Grandfather never had a drivers license and never drove any kind of mechanical machine. Ever. Two very different contrasts. But if you study a bit of history the latter of the two statements was not that uncommon. Today, we are hooked to the automobile like never before.

Nobody ever says they are going to get on the horse and go on vacation. Nope, it’s car or jet. And, I read the other day that a baby born today may never drive a car when they obtain that golden age of sixteen or so. Why? The author has a theory that in sixteen or so years from now most cars will drive themselves. They already can park themselves, brake themselves, stay in the correct lane by themselves, and be road speed governed. So, is that author a nut case or does he have a point? I admit I am a driving fool. I love driving. And, in as much as I love to fly I dread the TSA experience and the cattle cars stuffed with people. The thought of walking out to my garage and getting in the car and commanding it to drive me to say Boston sounds enticing. I could read the paper, watch TV, talk on my phone, clip my nails, text, and look at all the sights as the car drives me to my destination. I like the sound of that.

However, I would miss driving. I got a hunch if that day ever arrives there may be some sort of “penalty” or tax if I drive rather than the car. Why? Well, we have drunk driving, drugged driving, distracted driving, and just plain old bad driving to fall back on. Just the other day I was in the left lane and noticed this old lady coming up on my left side. She was driving down the middle of the road. The road has two yellow lines on each side designating it as a turn only lane for both directions. Yet, Mrs. Magoo as I will call her is whizzing down this lane at a high rate of speed probably swearing at me for only going 60 in a 55 mph area. I backed off as I waited for the huge collision as she had to be headed for a major accident. I then would be the lucky guy to peel her dead mangled body out of the car and serve as a witness to the police. The only thing that saved her and her innocent victims was that the lane ended. It was only then she realized her error. I admit I was terrified what was about to happen. By dumb sheer luck did she not drive into someone or something. It was a miracle. So, do you see why some are pushing so hard for the driverless cars? I hate the idea but I believe we are going in that direction. Hmmm.

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