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The Incredible 1970 Road Runner

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By Mark Weisseg

My old friend is a big time Mopar guy. He had a 69 RR and I own a 69 Road Runner. How cool is that? Well, I made the mistake of telling him I really would like to own a 1970 like what is pictured here. As my old friend he can say anything to me and I accept his comments. He is a smart guy and even drag raced the older Mopars at one point. So, what he said next has been stuck in my pea sized brain since I came home. He said they were boxy, a bit ugly and got away from looking like a Road Runner should. After I picked myself up from the floor I asked him WTF? That means what do you mean sir for those you don’t understand acronyms.

I loved that 70 style. I dig the 383 and the 440. It did not matter if it was a four speed with a pistol grip shifter or an automatic. It did not matter if it had bucket seats or a bench. It did not matter even if it had only one rear speaker for a AM radio or not. To me it’s cool. I proceeded to tell him I came within minutes of buying a Hemi orange one three years ago that had a 440 planted under the hood with a reliable 727 torque flight transmission.

I only changed my mind when the 69 was presented to me. He held his ground but I was not backing down. I told him that the 68, 69, and 70 were the best years ever. He agreed on two of three of course but I could not get him to budge on that 70. I was so frustrated I almost bought this 1970 just to prove a point. Lucky for me it sold before I came to my senses. Chrysler made a lot of Road Runners in those three years and a lot are still around. I still get smiles and thumbs up when I drive my 69 down the road. It harkens back a lot of positive memories I guess for many people.

It’s only after the switch in 1971 that Chrysler lost me. That new style in ’71 still in my book is not a RR. So, my friend is still my friend in Phoenix. We met at the tender age of five so why screw it up now. But, I still cannot believe anyone would not love a 70 Road Runner. What’s next, not loving a Ford Pinto with wood paneling?

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