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The Constants Of Automobile Advertising

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By Mark Weisseg

Remember the days when you changed spark plugs every ten thousand miles or you bought all new tires after only twenty thousand miles? Boy times have changed. Plugs are a 100k now and tires should be at least 50k with some maintenance. No more tubes and liners either. But what has not changed much is the advertising.

The big auto parts chains all do the same thing. They all just about carry the same products. It comes down to who is closer to your home. In the old days when you wanted parts for your car you went to the car dealer. Not today for the most part. Go to a nationwide chain and they will get the parts for you. In some cases deliver them to your house like a pizza. All the posters in the windows push air conditioning products that you can do yourself. Or, a deal on engine coolant, or free battery checks, free light bulb replacement , and some offer free computer check for codes.

All by people who have very limited talent. When you would go to the dealer in the old days that parts guy knew the cars. That is all he knew. He was an expert. I remember knowing the parts guys at the local dealerships by first name. Those guys were invaluable. Today, the guy checking your battery may have been flipping burgers three weeks ago. My sister just went into one of these chain stores and the young man who checked her code said the computer said it was the converter in the exhaust. If the computer said it, it must be true. It was a 02 sensor.

I am just telling you this or warning you to be careful who you trust with your vehicle. What are his or her qualifications? Any ASE? Any mechanical background? Where did you work before here? How long have you worked here? See, most are just reading a computer and handing you a part. You need a water pump that is what you get. No mention of a gasket or coolant that will leak out when you remove it. Just be on guard folks when you are shopping for parts or service today. Don’t believe some yahoo on line. Who is he? Ask all the same questions again.

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