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The Last Dodge Viper and Challenger SRT Demon Raise $1M at Auction

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By Dave Ashton

It was a double whammy in short succession, the Dodge Viper and Challenger SRT Demon ending their production runs. But the last ones off the production line went to a good cause being auctioned off to the princely sum of $1 million. The money raised was donated to the United Way and American Heart Association charities.

The first Challenger SRT Hellcat raised $825,000 in 2014, which means the $1 million raised was quiet a good buy for the lucky winner. The last 2017 GTS Viper has a VIN ending 731948, came off the production line at Conner Avenue Assembly plant, Detroit and is styled up to look like an original 1992 Viper RT/10. It may have been the last of its breed for now, but there are murmurings that the Viper may hit the streets again sometime in the future in a far more sporty, medium sized package. (….why not make a Demon Viper?!?)

The Demon was the last of its 3,300 examples built at the FCA plant in Brampton, Canada. Originally painted black, it was repainted in Viper red to match up with the Viper, comes with a custom VIN, along with memorabilia, authentication kits, build sheets and a whole host of personal goodies to authenticate both vehicles. Both vehicles’ power adds up to 1,485 horsepower, with the Viper having 645Hp and the Demon 840Hp.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to these two iconic cars in the coming years.

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