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Fast and Furious 1970 Plymouth Road Runner For Sale

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: 440 CID V8
Transmission: 4 727 Speed Automatic
Exterior Color: FK5 Burnt Orange
Price:US $120,000.00


When I first came across this listing for a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, I thought $120,000 was a tad on the expensive side until I read further and found out the car was used in the Fast and Furious 4, Fast and Furious 6 and 7 movies. The main title doesn’t give any indication of this, which is probably why it’s not getting as much attention as it should do. This is arguably one of its main selling points to justify the additional price on top of a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.

Apparently this is the Road Runner that Letty Ortiz flipped over and Dom took to Tokyo. The car is now in immaculate condition at least on the outside, with a fresh engine and transmission rebuild. With any movie vehicle you want heaps of documentation to prove its authenticity and the ad says the car – ‘ come with time slots for the movies it was in including the VIN to verify this was the actual car used in the Fast and Furious Movies.’ The car also comes with – ‘over 120HD photos and video.’

The car isn’t completely original, as with all movie cars it has to be adapted to the safety precautions of the movie, like the gas tank in the trunk. For any potential buyer it would also be nice to have a list of all the changes or adaptions to the vehicle, which you may get on purchase. The interior does show some signs of wear and tear, like on the seats and the dash, more like the condition of a well used classic car, then a trailer queen. In many ways the exterior counts the most on this vehicle, as it most likely will be paraded around as an example from the movie franchise with most people only able to view the outside.

A 1970 Plymouth Road Runners in FK5 Burnt Orange can fetch up to $85k+ in excellent condition, but the higher price here is clearly its movie association, which should be its main selling point. On top of what a car of this year would be worth with movie links can be subjective, but to the right person this could be a unique vehicle in a collection or maybe even in a museum setting and show car for everyone to enjoy. We’ll wait and see if it hits its asking price, especially if they add ‘Fast and Furious’ into the ad. title.





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