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1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible Needing A New Home

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Transmission: 4 speed manual
Exterior Color: Red
Current bid:US $4,550.00


It’s always a double edge sword finding a vehicle like this 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS. You get that initial adrenaline shot and boost of excitement having found an old classic that is potentially worth lots, but when you quickly think about the amount of work needed to bring it back to life, the euphoria can soon dissipate.

This Impala has seemingly been stored for 20 years (‘stored’ should be used loosely here…) and still has its original powertrain, just. No other details are really given with the listing apart from its currently hanging out in a Chicago Illinois suburbs. As it’s been minus its convertible roof for some time, it’s starting to almost look like it’s slowly converting into a plant bed with all the soil and debris on and around the car. The seats still look remarkably intact, but the rest of the interior looks damaged in some way or another. The engine is some sort of to two barrel small block, but it’s not specified in the listing.

The main factor here is how solid is the bodywork which is hard to tell from the ad. The panel’s actually look quite straight and reasonable, but that also could hide a multitude of sins underneath. The firewall looks like it has some holes in it, which probably means there are rust holes elsewhere in just as in unsavoury places. Like all vehicles in this condition, they will need a personal inspection before diving into this one. A 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS can look very tasty in revived condition or as a custom and with prices being easily over $26K, with the right restoration know-how this maybe one to shortlist.





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