The first Pilot Camaro ever built?

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The first Pilot Camaro ever built?


Wow, here we look into to what could be the first-ever Camaro.
‘Pilot’ models were essentially built to test out the production line and every step of the build process. Pilot models mostly had no Vin numbers, test parts and were mostly destroyed before full manufacturing took place for many legal reasons.
In some rare cases, a pilot model may survive through employee purchasing programs or similar, but this was really the exception rather than the norm.

Obviously to prove that the car is what it says it is, there has to be a mountain of paperwork to back it up.
Luckily, there is a full website to document the car, how it came into existence, its previous owners and the background of how they had the ability to spot a unique car and keep it in safe hands. If not, this car would just be another test vehicle written off to the timeline of automotive history.


‘Built in secret, Fisher Body began work on #123377N100001 on May 17, 1966. The coach was delivered to Chevrolet by Fisher Body on May 21, 1966, and the final assembly work then began on the first “F” car to be produced in the Norwood Pilot Production car program. N100001 is the very first build of the hand-built, 49 car pilot assembly test program designated for the GM Norwood, Ohio Assembly plant. The first “F” car to be produced in an assembly plant was produced and configured with a 230 cubic inch engine, 3-speed transmission, whitewall tires, push button radio, front antenna, and deluxe seat belts. Built for the product launch with “show paint required,” it was lightly equipped to accommodate the opening days of the pilot build and also to appeal to the masses in pricing and safety features. It was also equipped with a 110-volt static lighting display to be used at General Motors sales conventions. When it was finished it was stored hidden until its inaugural uses as an assembly test mule and display in the Chevrolet product line unveiling.’


Shown at this year’s Carlisle GM Nationals June 26–28, 2015.-

The website set up to fully document the Camaro.

Full Story Of The First Camaro Ever Built N100001

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