American Car drivers still prefer AM/FM Radios!

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American Car drivers still prefer AM/FM Radios!


With the huge variety of ways we can listen to music these days, the good old car radio is still as popular as ever.

A survey conducted by Ipsos, shows that within their study group sample of 1036 adults 18+, 84% of consumers still use the radio in the car, with 64% still using CD players.
‘radio still maintains a huge leadership position over the next closest service choice, Sirius/XM – which had 22%. Pandora was 18%; iHeartRadio was 8%; HD Radio 7%; and Spotify was 7%’

“Overall, this study makes it clear that in spite of consumers’ love of apps and new digital products, they have a great attachment to their AM/FM radio and an overwhelming desire to keep its operation and function as it is,” said Thomas Spinelli, Vice President of Ipsos MediaCT. “The in-car AM/FM radio is still a universally known audio platform – and its ease of use, convenience, features and familiarity continue to make it a top consumer choice for in-car audio.”

Spinelli added, “This study shows that the consumer isn’t replacing existing services and products with new ones; instead, they want them all — making the car even more music-enabled with a number of choices at any given time.”

Not very surprising, as the humble car radio just simply works. What could be simpler than just pressing a button and your favourite radio station starts playing all day, with DJs handpicking all the tunes for you. A luxury!
Unless you want to carry vinyl around with you in your car, CDs are still arguably the best quality format, they just tend to skip when you hit a large hole in the road!

So I think it is the case of the radio solved the problem of in car entertainment with a very simple solution.
Sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

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