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The Best Way to Keep The Patina On A Vehicle

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By Mark Weisseg

For any of you that follow my articles you know this is my 1949 Chevrolet 3600 truck.
It’s nearly all original and if you recall the paint is the original paint. So, we call that Patina. Now if you notice my truck is all shiny and bright. Did I clear coat it and go to the other side? Do you like the new look?

Well, I did not creep over to the clear coat side. What I did is what I do every year. I take a one gallon container of WD 40 and with a sprayer I spray the entire truck. The body and the under carriage. Everything gets a good solid coating. In a few days the rain will wash the body and the oil away. Then, my truck will look as it did once before. It does wonders for all the old bushings and levers underneath that are very tired and old. The squeals and rattles will disappear for quite some time and it will hold off any other rust.

You ask why? Well, I have a 2003 Dodge Truck I use to haul and carry items. It was sold new in my area and lived through all the winters here with road salt. My 49 was a western truck all its life and never saw road salt. Which truck is rusted more? Yes, you guessed right if you said the 2003. That newer truck has much more rust than the 49. The only area of rust through on the 49 is the lower cab panels. That was a common rust out area. Other than that the truck is nearly rust free. I wish my 2003 could say that.
Now you know why I oil her every year.

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