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Car Talk: T Bird Dream

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By Mark Weisseg

I was never a big T bird lover. I know the baby birds of the mid 50’s to late 60’s are glorified on TV and movies. We see them at shows and they win many trophies and awards. I am happy for them. I like the 60 Thunderbird. It’s really the only model I do like.

Why? Well, it’s a bit bigger and heavier. I know, who wants heavy? But for me the ’60 Bird has a special look to it. The interior is very different than the previous models and I like it. I know it will never be as popular as the previous models but we are talking preferences here, not money. So, when I saw this one strapped to the trailer and looking like it was going to be restored I had to smile.

Now, the T bird name lasted a long time. By the time we got into the mid 70’s and things went downhill. Another brand name stuck on a car that had no resemblance to its former self. Then, Ford really tried to do a Hail Mary pass when for the last time in 1999 to about 2005 I think as they made a retro looking bird.
My neighbor had one and liked it. A good friend of mine has two 2004 models with almost no miles on them. They were a hit when first reintroduced but slowly lost its charm again. So, Ford pulled the plug again. Maybe for good this time. My immediate neighbor has a ’56 T Bird and really likes it. He rarely drives it but he likes it. But, he is also the guy with a Mustang Laguna Sega with about 250 miles on it. He loves that too. I wish I understood how you can love a car but never drive it and feel it. Folks, I drive my stuff and if I ever get a 60 Bird, I will fly it, drive it, and love it.

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