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Bringing A Dodge Charger Back To Life

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this very tired and worn out Charger on this trailer and thought someone has a big task ahead of them.

Now, I am all for working for what you receive in our world but this old Dodge just might be the challenge of the decade. Clearly the car has been used and used hard.

That is alright because that is why we bought them in the first place. But, whomever takes on this challenge better be very patient. It appears as when this car starts to come apart the restoration folks are going to find a lot more than they were ready for.

Now, that can be good as well. If you look at the bright side of the car you will need to take it down to the bare bottom. You will have pieces everywhere and I am quite sure you may become overwhelmed. But, stick to the plan and throw out the budget. Two to three years from now you will be done.

You will have learned new swear words, new procedures and found things within yourself you did not know existed. That is the benefit of a massive project like this. Learning. And when you are done and over budget you can stand back and know you hung in there. Not like the many on Craigslist that lose interest or just give up because it’s hard. I despise that. When I hear some fish say he is quitting because it’s hard, I lose all respect for him or her. Hard is good. Sweat is better. A sore back or sore arms tells me you are working hard. I recall digging a French drain years ago by hand after work. It was one of the hardest things I ever did to that point. But I could not give up. It was not my nature. And, at the time Dad was alive and he would have swung that spade shovel across my head if he heard the word “quit”. We never quit. Never.

So at the least, this Dodge Charger is on a trailer and on its way back to being restored and that’s the point.

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