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Car Talk: The Old Service With A Smile

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By Mark Weisssg

Notice the rear of the building. Polishing and hand waxing using Simoniz. Move out front and a man in an overcoat will fill your tank and make sure all is ok before you hit the road. Thirdly, look at the building. It looks like a bank or something that should be at the center of town. I will bet it is a cool looking place at night with all those lights.

Fast forward to todays gas stations. Yes, the buildings are big and full of food and goodies for you to stomach, but waxing? Nope.
Some have terrible automatic car washes you can go through with nicely scented wax that is poured onto the paint and then swiftly rinsed off. After the rinsing the hot blow dryers attempt to dry the car but you always get spots.
Locally we have a car wash that you can let your car go through the various steps and at the end some young people will hand dry the vehicle. For extra money they will vacuum the car or do the Windows in and out or apply a wheel spray. I have used the service and they do nice work. The least expensive is twelve bucks and the most is close to thirty. There is a tip jar of course at the end of the runway. It’s much better than the simple drive through but of course it costs more. What would you rather do? Today’s washes are nearly all touch less washes or they use a form of a chamois. As far as super service at the pump my guess is 99 percent fill the tank up and drive off.

It’s odd to think today you can buy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a gas station but you can. Go in, walk up to a kiosk and order away. Then, a happy face behind the counter will make your meal. Buy lottery tickets, or Potato chips and magazines. Full service all right but who would have thought? Cha, Cha, cha.

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