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The 1967 Plymouth GTX

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By Mark Weisseg

I admit this is my dream car as I have mentioned in the past. Every time I see one of these cars whether at a show or on line I stop and look it over.

The Belvedere normally came with a 318 V8 and some stepped up to a 383 or 440. Then, big daddy came along and it was over for me. The Hemi, yes the 426 Hemi.

The hood is long, the fenders and quarters are long, the trunk is big, the whole car is big. It was designed for straight line lift off. I love the styling of his car and I really do hope to make one show up in my collection some day. I doubt it will be the Hemi as the prices are out in space somewhere and unless I hit the lottery or inherit a fortune I will need to settle for a 440 or a 383. Poor me huh?

I will not shed a tear nor should you if I land this fish and it is not the Hemi. I just love this car and I especially love this car pictured. I dig the wheels and tires and if you get a chance please look up one of these on line. The interiors are so cool whether it is a bench or bucket seats. You can easily sit four adults in this car comfortably.

Chrysler Corporation made a lot of these cars so it is not a rare car at all. What makes it rare is that back in the day they were driven hard. That’s what they were for after all. Nobody expected you to get a big 440 under the lid and go school zone speed. No, you were expected to drop the clutch and leave a burnout for as long as you could. It’s really ok if you have a automatic too as these monster engines could handle anything.

I admit my bias to this car and I do not even have one. I have pondered buying one that is of driver quality for around twenty grand so that I can drive it hard and enjoy it rather than baby it like I do my Roadrunner. Hopefully some day soon I can report to you I bought one of these in 2016 and that my biggest problem is where to store my expanding collection. Right now I have that problem and we do not really know what to do. But, wait, one of my future articles will be about this issue.

In the meantime please stop and look at one of these beauties. They tend to get passed over for a Charger , Roadrunner, Super Bee, or a Cuda but I am here to tell you these cars are hot. A bit light in the rear end and that led to some fishtailing when you punch the gas pedal but you learn how to deal with that quick.

My days may be numbered but this car will out last me and my hope that this true classic fast car stays on the radars of future collectors.

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