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The 1967 Chevelle SS

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By Mark Weisseg

What a beauty this car is. A mid sized Chevrolet at the time that you could buy with a puny in line six cylinder engine all the way up to a monster 396 engine.

Choices were numerous from 3 speeds, to 4 speeds to automatics. It is hard to tell a 67 from a 66 in most cases. About the only clear obvious change was at the tail lights. On a 67 they wrapped around a bit where the 66 did not.

When I was a teenager a friend of mine had a 66 Chevelle with a custom paint job. He was also friends with a body guy who was known for some outrageous paint jobs. This is the era where all the young guys wanted a custom van with smoked port hole windows in the back, deep shag carpeting throughout, a stereo with speakers all over the place and of course a bed in the back. Songs were written about such vans and I am here to say if you had a van like that you were da man.

Well, my friend had this 66 Chevelle with this real wild paint job so it was a natural chick magnet. We would cruise in areas we knew the girls would be in hopes of landing a hot one. Funny thing is now looking back the car was really cool to look at but it had the puny in line six cylinder that could barely get out of its shadow. The little two speed transmission did not help either or the cheap vinyl seats but oh boy the paint job was our ticket. And it worked/ most of the time.

Chevrolet sold tons of these from as early as 1964 and it was a sales winner. Now years later it is fun to see how lovers of this model of car have changed it to their own tastes. The age old question is always do we leave it alone or make it a resto mod vehicle with upgraded brakes, engine, tires, seats and so on.

After further review and especially after seeing this 67 on the web I am voting for the resto mod style. I rode in enough of the 66 to know and the end of a nights cruising we were worn out. Sure people thought the car was cool but if they knew that the little 66 had no air conditioning or power steering or brakes the glee might have changed to ho hum.

My friend moved away years ago and I have lost contact but I must admit I would love to know what ever happened to that customized 66. I do know that whoever did this 67 in the picture certainly should be proud. It appears to be one very fine classic with many more enjoyable years ahead.

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