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Taking A Hit In Your Lemans

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By Mark Weisseg

This is a tough one my friends. The guy with the LeMans had just recently finished this car and was showing it off. The Lexus with an old lady behind the wheel did the obvious. She hit the gas pedal rather than the brake and launched the car through the bushes and into the Pontiac.

Truth be told the Lemans took a big hit and hopefully the frame is not damaged. The picture proves a few things. You cannot protect yourself against everything, and may be old people should have to prove they can rally still drive.

I don’t know the reaction of the Lemans owner but once it’s done it’s done. Strangling the old lady would only provide temporary satisfaction. What this really does is open our eyes to insurance again. Do you have enough!
Will it cover crazy things like this? Sometimes classic car owners think they are getting a deal because the rate is say only $115 a year. Sounds wonderful but what is really covered? Just like the poor souls in the nations southeast. It used to be you could not buy flood insurance unless you are in a flood zone. But how many times in the last few years have we heard the flooding is a 500 or 1,000 year flood? Does not do much good when your couch floats down the street.

Many classic cars were lost in all this flooding. We don’t hear those stories as classic cars are deemed extra frills of life unlike a couch or your bedroom set. Obviously we cannot protect ourselves from every disaster but having a back up plan or possibly a umbrella insurance policy might be wise. Now back to the LeMans.


He is going to need to start over of course and it will be painful. Her insurance certainly cannot cover man hours or specialist equipment so this guy is going to take it in the shorts again. But, what can you do? Nothing. Pull your big boy pants up, straighten out the balls, and start to work. That’s what all of us do in life. Grin and bear it I guess. But maybe park down a bit in the future and watch out for the old ladies. Gadzooks.

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