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A 1968 Charger Rebuild

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By Mark Weisseg

I don’t know about you cats but my hat is off to this guy for restoring a legendary car. When done he will have himself a real looker. But I noticed something in the picture. Please look close and stare at it for thirty seconds. I’ll wait. Hmmm hmmmm hmmm.okay, 1, 2,3, 4, 30, done. What’s the issue?

Who in the name of Mr Haney could do a restoration and have a garage this clean? When I have done work like this it looks like someone unloaded a dumpster on the floor. Parts boxes, cans, tools, gloves, hats, safety glasses, the stupid dog, a radio, parts and much more. This place looks like a hospital ward.

What is his secret? I don’t know but he must work in a white gown and white gloves. Usually I have blood streaming from a finger, the hands are greasy, the tools are strewn everywhere, I can’t find what I just used ten minutes ago and so on.

I believe your home work shop is the same. Now I understand after working at it all day you got to pick up the tools, throw the garbage out and tidy up a bit. But not like a surgeons room cuz the next day I am going to trash it again.

Usually I do my dance, you know. Leave the flashlight on the floor, forget about it and then step on it later and the new rolling almost falling dance step is invented. Or, the nine sixteenth socket is missing again. You just used it. Where in the heck did it go? You spend fifteen minutes of moving things, searching on the floor, looking in the tool box again until of course you find it on the end of the ratchet. That is how my shop runs.

How this guy keeps everything in place, clean windows, organized shelves and so on is a mystery to me. Usually I forget I have Windows until I kill a spider and remember that it’s glass not drywall. And the beat goes on my friends. All the organizers and gizmos in the world cannot prevent me from my place looking like a wrecking ball just went through it. I hope you do better than I.

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