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The New Big Trend: COE Trucks

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By Mark Weisseg

Don’t laugh my friends but these COE’s are getting very hot. COE is cab over engine and there is a big movement of late with these beauties.

You are seeing more Divco and International trucks being modified. Check or search facebook or eBay and you will see many of these trucks getting modified.

Now most of us remember a Divco or such as a milk delivery truck or some sort of work truck. The benefits are now that you can drop nearly any size crate engine in these rigs, lower them and have yourself a mad road machine. I am serious about this so if you have any doubts spend a few minutes and research this.

Now the COE pictured here also goes through the same processes but many fast muscle car guys take it one more level. You see many of these were tow trucks back in the day. How cool would it be to drop yourself a modern engine in this rig and haul your fast muscle car as needed?

I have a friend in Warren Ohio that has about five of these. He powers them with 4 BT or 6 BT Cummins engines. Big time torque and with a few modifications he has speed too. Guys are dropping in really comfortable interiors, air conditioning and making these once work horses into modern fast trucks with a purpose.

Me, I am a Divco guy. I always liked the style of them and now if I find the right one I have a blue print on how to make it a really cool rig. I also saw a guy last car season hauling his Yenko Camaro which was green with the white stripes on a green and white COE. Man did he get the looks.

So, if you desire a different type of project look into a COE or a Divco, International and other type truck to be your hauler. It’s the rage and I want in.

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