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Summer American Car fun

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By Mark Weisseg

Let’s all take a deep breath and remember how summer fun used to be. The parents would load up the huge wagon with a tent, some camping gear and food and it was off to a camp ground or lake.
Yes, we would rough it for five days by sleeping on the ground, eating so so food and starting a big Bon fire every night. Marshmallows and chocolate cake out to make s’mores and everyone would be happy. In the mornings we would fish or hike or just hang around and meet new people.

At times we saw a different side of our parents. More relaxed, funnier and at times and you could see the youngster in them. If the weather was good every day seemed like paradise. We played dominos, card games, checkers, and just let time slip by. It was not much of a vacation for everyone when you consider you had put up a tent, unload the car, secure food from the animals and daily work on certain things. But, it was so different than our regular life no one seem to care. The worst part of the whole trip was packing to go home. Things that fit so snugly the first time now do not fit with such ease. Everyone is a bit sadder as we pull out of our spot. We wave to the new friends we made knowing we may never see them again.

The drive home is much quieter than the drive to the camp ground. When we get home everyone is tired, a bit grumpy and much is said under the breath. Now my parents seem like they are parents again. Barking orders, doing laundry, checking the mail, need to cut the grass again, and get back in the groove. Let’s go again next year someone yells. Mom says, We’ll see.

But what has this got to do with muscle cars or vintage American classics?
Well, with every classic muscle car, no matter if it’s in original condition of the most souped up dragstrip monster, the all bring back a feeling of nostalgia and of times where life seemed to be much simpler.
Simple vacations, classic vehicles and the great outdoors make for a fine break from the norm these days. So we recommend you trying the same, even if you do live in the middle of the city.
Hire a classic, get into the wilderness and experience what it’s like to go back to the basics.
We love our modern day conveniences, but is also nothing like the simplicity of yesteryear.

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