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A Sin City Dodge Charger

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By Mark Weisseg

This Charger is available now on brought to you from Sin City. It has a 383 four speed and needs a complete restoration. Now, I have been to Las Vegas many times and like most cities the place is full of people and opportunities. To me, it has to be one of the worst places to drive. Go on I 15 and if you do 75 mph school buses pass you. City streets are full of taxis and now Uber and Lyft cars zig zag through traffic like maniacs. But that is for another day.

You would think some of the famous car show guys based there would have bought this by now. On TV they just randomly drive around the area and just happen to find a great car at a low price. Blamo! Danny Koker buys it and flips it after he restores it to better than new condition. But, Vegas has all kinds of peddlers out there doing the same thing.

So, how did this Charger not get scooped up in seconds? My guess is Vegas is really like any other town. The seller wants a fortune and the potential buyers know it’s too much.
There are a lot of older cars in the Vegas area due to the climate but I assure you the drive along to randomly find your dream car is just that. A dream many times. People are people and when they own a classic they know it these days. A guy that owns a Charger knows they are in high demand.

When you fly into Vegas you can just about see where everyone lives from the air. Many neighborhoods are guarded or have gates so you do not get in unless you live there or someone lets you in. You see big fences around many houses for privacy and many, many houses have security cameras or even private guards for a larger neighborhood. It’s an interesting place for sure. I am going to contact this guy in Vegas and see if he still has the Charger and what he really wants. I have a friend in Vegas who is an entertainer and he knows his cars. So, I have an inside track and will see what is going on with this car and if it is still for sale. Stay tuned.

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