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AMC: I wonder If They Heard The Bullet?

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By Mark Weisseg

These first two cars in the picture sure were badass cars. Drop a 390ci. in the AMX or either of them and you had yourself a sweet hot rod.
Remember the red, white and blue AMX two seater? I do as I rode in one and it was terrifyingly fast. A very light car, big engine and it was quick. You just could not blend in with the American flag colors pasted all over your car.

AMC were so proud of themselves in this picture. No one could argue with the AMX or the javelin, but it was possibly the rest of the lineup that sank the company. Sure, the Jeep was cool but not part of this plant. The Pacer, Matador, and Hornet didn’t really resonate with the public. The Gremlin was, well, a Gremlin. Some were made with special paint and that monster 390 in it to make it fast, but not exactly a classic.

But, did the executives here the bullet coming? Did they know it was about over? They did not act like the end was near. It would be like being on the titanic and water up to your neck and still smiling. I must say when the water got to my ankles I would be looking for the raft. These AMC executives were either clueless or should get academy awards for best acting. But, when I think of all the jobs lost and the domino affect it had, the veins in my neck start sticking out. Rather than fixing the problem, they waited on a bailout of some sort. Grrrrrrrr.

However, their legacy does leave the AMX and the Javelin. Examples can be picked up for reasonable prices and if you get a decent sized engine, you can still have a lot of fun. It’s just a shame the company bombed so quickly.

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