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Splitter Guard Protector Changes Made By Dodge

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By Dave Ashton

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of taking delivery of a Dodge vehicle recently, there’s been a lot of hullabaloo over the front splitter guard protectors. Basically, the yellow, plastic protectors, installed since 2015, are factory fitted to SRT Chargers and Challengers and are delivered with the vehicles. Dodge recommend removing the protector as they may cause damage to paintwork, but many owners have opted to keep them on.

This may not be a big deal for some, but it’s definitely polarized opinions within the Challenger and Charger community. The bright yellow protectors are meant to be removed by the dealers, with even a note on each saying, ‘TO BE REMOVED BY DEALER.’ However, as evidence, there’s a lot of owners who prefer to keep them.

Dodge officials have already stated that they should remove the protectors as they could cause damage to the paintwork. The protectors are also not part of the original design and yellow was a random choice. But, this message has obviously fallen on deaf ears, so they have acted by turning the yellow protectors hot pink in an effort to dissuade them being fitted.

The problem is the protectors need to be installed and for those who like a colored, thin stripe on the front of their car, now have two color options. Also, as the yellow versions are being phased out, they could start to become collectors items or selling points, further compounding the issue.

This means that no matter what color the protectors are produced in, there’s always going to be individuals who prefer the look. However, the official line is to take them off. If you want to leave them on your vehicle, just be aware of the risks and if they do cause damage to the paintwork, then you have been told.

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