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Signs You Need To Inspect Your Brakes

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Today’s cars have warning lights for their warning lights, but in older cars you have to be more vigilant when your car needs maintenance and this is especially true concerning your car’s brakes.

When I first started to drive (around the Jurassic era…), the signs that I needed to replace the brake pads was when the car started to make a horrible sound from the wheels, vibrate or grind.
I now know these are all terrible for your brakes, but I knew no better back then and having no money, you squeeze the last you can out of every brake pad.
It’s only after the event I realised I had to replace brake pads, but also brake discs, along with the work and the cost involved in replacing them all.
A little knowledge and a bit of prevention is better than cure, would have saved many dollars in the long run.

Drum brakes and disc brakes both have a shelf life and only last so long, so you need to make sure they are in good condition at all times. It’s one of those cases where prevention is better than cure, as worn out brakes can mean lots of money spent.

Thus, be mindful of the points below and if you experience any, have your brakes checked as soon as possible.

Noise: if you hear any unusual noises, such as grinding coming from the wheel area, have your brakes checked as soon as possible.

Pulling: if your brakes have worn unevenly the car may pull to one side when you start to brake.

Low Pedal: when the brake pedal travels further than usual or nearly to the floor, it’s usually a brake fluid thing, but you need to have the brake system checked out for low fluid or leakage.

Hard Pedal: Pressing on the brake pedal is harder than usual.

Grabbing: if your brake pedal grabs or sticks, this is a sign of another brake maintenance job.

Vibration: when you brake, the car vibrates or shudders, along with possible noise.

Warning Light: if you’re lucky enough to have a break warning light, it should come on when it’s time for brake maintenance. On older cars you will have to just watch/listen out for the above factors as even brake warning lights can fail after some time.

Especially with older cars, you need to be more mindful of regular checks and none are more important than keeping your brakes in top condition year-round.

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