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Buying Classic Car Related Stuff

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By Mark Weisseg

Recently a trip to Pikes Peak brought us to this intersection and this old gas pump. Many of you classic car guys and gals collect not only the cars, but the things that go with them.

I have a gas pump, some drive in movie speakers, and some other things related to our hobby. I have seen collections that boggle the mind but they have deeper pockets than most of us.

Our hats are off to all of you that have worked so hard to drive the car of your dreams. I don’t take it lightly and doubt you do either. But when you are on the hunt for parts or that barn find keep your eyes and ears open for auto related items.

We attended an auction last Saturday that had many automotive items for sale. Generally lots of signs, thermometers, oil related items, and so on. Clearly the TV show American Pickers is alive and well because people where paying outrageous sums of money for signs. A large two sided Texaco sign with some Patina went for $975.00. Simple thermometers were racking up a minimum of $200 each and some for as much as five hundred. I was stunned to say the least. So, the good news is our related industries hobby is strong and not on life support. The only trouble I see is if and when the bubble bursts prices will crash and some will be holding the bag.

My advice is to be careful when you buy related items because everything runs in cycles. Right now the hobby items are red hot but at some point it will turn. When, I do not know. If I did I would buy everything under the sun now but our hobby is finicky. If you recall for a while Mopar’s were down in price and deals were made. Now, a hemi Charger, Roadrunner, Superbird and such are zooming again. It appears they take turns at the spikes. Yenko anything was and is strong and I expect it to stay that way unless the entire economy dives.

Please be careful and buy wisely. If you just want to buy a sign or a pump for your garage then do so and enjoy it. However, if you are in the flipping business please be careful. It’s like any flipping business. At times it is easy to flip a house or car and then suddenly the need dries up. I love my hobby but I am careful I don’t go to far. I bid on a old oil pump machine last week but bailed out at a certain price. I set my limit and may exceed it a little but I am here to tell you we were stunned at what was paid for some items. Do not let a TV show provide the path to your wallet. Let your brain drive!

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