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Take Your Time When Shipping a Car

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By Mark Weisseg

Two years ago a friend of mine bought this customized cab over to haul a special car. He bought it at an auction in Florida and I happened to be at the house when it was being delivered.

We were all excited because the COE is so cool and this one really knocked it out of the park. Then we squinted and got closer and closer. We noticed some scratches and other issues that the new owner claims were not there when he bid and bought his rig. He was not to concerned as he could fix the issues without much stress or cost. I was on the other side of the fence.

I voiced my opinion that somebody somewhere is responsible for the minor damages. Was it the trucking company? Was it the auction company? No one seemed to be sure because the typical paper work was not done because the company that delivered this is a very dependable, a well known company.

I have had cars delivered to me and they have come on an open trailer as well as closed. I worry about them until I see them with my own eyes. I had a Roadrunner delivered once and I told the seller when those doors open to the trailer that car better be one hundred percent or I am closing the doors and refusing to take it. I am not going to accept it and then file reams of paperwork and in ten months later get some sort of settlement.

My point is very simple of course. If you buy a 34 Chevy and it is a bit beat up and you intend to restore it, take a deep breath. If you are buying that Yenko Camaro sit on it like your first born. When I advised the seller of my Roadrunner my intentions, special care was given all the way to my home. Maybe the seller gave the drivers a cash tip or whatever but when I got it, the car was perfect.

Please take your time when shipping a car. Do a very thorough inspection with the shipper. Note every scratch, ding, dent, flaw, and then you take pictures of the car. Then,you both sign the form and the car is in his or her hands for a safe no worry delivery. Then, agree to a destination time so you can be there when they open the doors and back it out. Do the same inspection again and agree that everything is in order.

This isn’t to be overly belligerent, this is just to make sure what you have paid for arrives in the same condition as it started its journey. If you have to do, completely label the car in the message, ‘treat this car like you would a newborn baby.’

Then, the easy part is just delivery. Drive and enjoy your new toy to its fullest.

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