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Would You Restore This 1970 Camaro

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By Mark Weisseg

This is a tough one to write about. I studied this picture and went to the depths of my brain to say something good. The house appears to run down a bit and has seen better days as well. The car, well the car has seen better days too. I am unsure what the hole in the hood is for. Did someone home make a cold air system? It’s funny that someone still feels the love for the car as they at least threw a cover over the top. The tires and wheels are right out of the late 70’s and 80’s and I dread to see what the interior may look like. Did they butcher the interior too? What about that screaming 350 engine? So many questions I would love to ask the owner but I get the feeling I know some answers. He will probably say he is going to restore it as soon as he gets the time. Clearly money cannot be the issue…….

So, is this worth saving from the crusher? I hate the crusher except for one time. I watched a school bus company crush a school bus once. They would strip everything out of the buses and then introduce the front end to this massive crushing machine. Then, in a short amount of time the machine would eat the bus and at the other end would be scrap metal. They do not do this anymore as they found a new market for our worn out school buses. You guessed it. They drive them to the ocean and they are shipped to Brazil, Mexico, and other ports of call where they continue life.

As for the Camaro I vote we take it to the shore. If this was a 67,68,69 maybe I would think differently but this old car has been used, abused, and is taking up valuable space now. I mean, who knows what treasures are in the garage!

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