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By Mark Weisseg

This is the picture I long for everyday. I have said it so many times I have lost count. When I see a picture of an old car being hauled out of a barn and seeing the sunshine for the first time in years I get happy feet. It’s a Model A car and clearly someone took off the fenders at one point and was trying to achieve something. My guess is someone started a hot rod project at one time and lost the desire. I would be a buyer of this in a heartbeat if the price was right. Certainly it will need the brakes and steering repaired and hopefully the engine turns. If the motor is not locked up then I am in deep. Sure the seat inside is bad but it’s only a seat. Tires are more than likely dry rotted and I know it sounds like the list is growing. It is growing and it reminds me of my current 28 Model A project.

Again, I am becoming an expert on a car I never imagined I would. But now with education comes power and confidence. Now, I I know first hand what to look for and what to expect. This car is perfect for a hot rod. Yes, flip it upside down and drop in a big Ford engine and rebuild this lightweight into a cool heavy weight.

My reminder to all of you is to get out and circulate. When you hear the masses claim all the barn finds are dried up ignore them and run out and find them. Plenty of cars and trucks are out there waiting for the right person to snatch them up and bring them back to life. Circulate, talk to people, let everyone know you buy old cars. Go to Vista Print and get business cards made up. For under twenty bucks you can have five hundred simple cards made. Your name, your email, your phone number and what you are looking for. I did it and pass them out all over the place hoping for a gold strike. Now, it’s your turn to stop reading about other people finding cars and you be the one that finds the cars.

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