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Resto Mod An Advanced Design Truck

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By Mark Weisseg

I am not a resto mod guy by any means but I wanted to give rookies and newbies to the fast muscle car world some advice. This picture is of some lucky guy that found some advanced design Chevy trucks.

I know these trucks very well as I own one. In fact, mine looks like one of these. I mean that in a positive way as mine is strictly stock and patina green like these two. If you do desire to make a hot rod or resto mod this is the easiest way I know.

Find a Chevy from a 1947 to the 1953 model years. They are called Advanced Design as they were very different from ’46 on back.

The trick is easy. You can drop in a Mustang two front end or a Chevy S10 front end and then really go to town. They are really a blank slate from there. Under the hood you will find enough room to drop in nearly any engine.
There are companies out there that sell kits for four wheel disc brakes and before you know it you have a resto mod. Parts for the AD design are also plentiful. You will find most AD trucks are half ton or 3100 series trucks. They are really cool looking and Chevrolet sold gazillions of them. Trust me, parts are everywhere and are inexpensive.

Now, if you go kooky and really change things up be prepared to pay. But, these truck bodies are still all over the place and it’s a great way to build your first hot rod. Now, get off your butt and make yourself a hot rod that you can be proud of.

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