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Do You Really Need A Blower?

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By Mark Weisseg

Now , I am an old hack and cannot understand why someone would install a blower on top of an engine, unless it’s for a drag car.

My brother and I worked together back in 1980 or so and the shop we worked at installed a blower on a hopped up Camaro. We took it for a ride on a Sunday and we were having a great day off. So, my Brother is driving along and all of a sudden the engine made a odd noise and quit running. The blower blew up internally and threw pieces throughout the engine. Game over.

We walked to a restaurant and called for a tow truck as those were the days before cell phones. That is what I remembered as soon as I saw these two pictures. The Corvette in my lowly opinion is ruined. That blower and all that chrome ruined the car. A mid year Vette does not need help in becoming a great car. They are great even as a stock vehicle.

Face the facts that a driver cannot see around that blower. It is unsafe and silly looking. Sure, the blower provides power and the blower provides talking points both good and bad.

If it is a drag car the blower is a necessity. But, for everyday the use of a blower is just a poor choice.
Do you get the feeling I am a anti blower guy? Well, I am all for the blower but not for street cars. Also, be assured the cost of a blower installed is never a cheap date. You are going to pay and pay deep with one. I know certain states will not allow a blower on a street car but unless it becomes bothersome I doubt the police will bother you. Today, they should have much deeper concerns but you never know.

So, please take the advice of this old man when it comes to installing a blower on a street car. Spend your money on horse back riding lessons or get a pony.

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