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SkimKat Motors, Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and it brought back a ton of memories.

This dealership was started in 1947 and thrives today. Can you imagine the ups and downs of the city, industry, and this dealership over all those years? Today, it’s the third generation that run this Mopar dealership. I imagine nobody in this picture is still alive so I went to the last living person I know who will remember this.

It is my cousin John. He is a man of the cloth today in the southern part of the country and I reached out to him as I vaguely remember his Father working at a car dealership after they gave up the farming life.

Well, John does remember this dealership. It was on a one way street years ago but his Father never worked at this dealership. The reason I thought it might be possible is that my Uncle and Aunt had one of those cool 65 Barracuda’s. Dark blue, auto trans, and the long sloping glass in the back.

I thought just maybe they bought that car from SkimKat but John does not recall as he was just getting his license back then. How ironic that this dealer is still in business from 1947. I know it’s not a record because there is a Ford dealer near me that has been an active dealer for over 100 years. Boy, if walls could talk!

Could you imagine the amount of cars, trucks, vans and people circulated through SkimKat? Hard to imagine but today Ft Dodge is vastly different. It is a big trucking area today with many terminals. Population has grown quite a bit since those sleepy days back in the 60’s but hats off to SkimKat and our friend, Fort Dodge, Iowa. What a journey.

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