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Is This A Real Yenko Camaro?

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By Mark Weisseg

I wonder if the guy in the picture had any idea what he was leaning on. Yes, we all knew back in the day the Yenko name meant something but how much of something back then compared to today, we never knew.

Any car that gets cloned like the AC Cobra or the Yenko as much as they do tell a story. For example I believe there were only about 1,000 real AC Cobras ever built but it is the number one car in the country to be cloned or replicated.
Just like the Yenko line up in that so few are left the cloning business or tribute business is booming. Some people think it’s fine to do so as they will never be able to own the real deal while others hate the idea. I think the folks that hate the idea are worried they may foolishly buy a tribute or a clone and think it’s the real deal. It could happen and it has. Shops and restorers have become very good at rebuilding or restoring cars today. They can reproduce nearly anything and without a keen eye and a experts knowledge you too could be suckered in. Let’s hope that never happens but I would suggest to you that if you are looking at a Yenko car to buy you better do your homework first. Then, hire a expert. Someone who you know really knows where to look, how things were done and so on. Let me give you an example of a TV show that does this the right way.

Here in America the show Graveyard Cars is a very popular show. The host and his crew rebuild cars from their death bed to as exact as they were back in the day cars. Complete with chalk marks, paint markings and so on.
It is highly regarded as one of the best shops in the country to have your Mopar rebuilt. Of course they are up front and as honest as can be if it is a real car or a tribute. The show has integrity and honor and I enjoy watching now. Not so much when it first appeared because of all the silly high jinx that went on. But, it appears they are done acting like clowns and now are as serious as can be. If you are a Mopar nut this show is for you.
I hope others follow with Ford and GM in mind. You can learn a lot from quality shows such as these. But, a slick shop with loose business morals can do you in quick if you are not careful. Please spend a bit more time, a bit more money and do your homework before committing to a deal. I mean, who doesn’t want a real Yenko? I sure do but they are harder and harder to come by. Just like the COPO cars. Once they were rarely even discussed. Now the slicker shops have figured out ways to make a fake COPO look and feel like the real deal. All of a sudden in the last few years the word COPO is everywhere. Did they suddenly find a honey hole of COPO Camaros? No, what “they” found is a demand that can be easily filled by a smart wheeler dealer of a guy to a very unsuspecting buyer.

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