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Knowing When To Salvage A Classic Car or Truck

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this car/thing advertised on the Internet for sale at a low price and was tempted. The guy was honest in that he said he lost interest and wanted to sell. That happens alot in our hobby as a passion can turn into a burnout.

We all start out fast and furious with plans of grandeur. But, as we tool along we suddenly realize we have a ton of work ahead of us and will need plenty of money to finish.
So, I don’t fault the guy one bit. Heck, he could just have left it to sit for years and rot away or taken it to the local trash dump and got scrap metal pricing. But, he said he just lost interest and would love for someone else to pick up where he left off.

I think if I were to buy this I would just get it running good and be sure it was safe and just drive it as is, well, with a bit of patchwork here and there. If you put a ton of cash into this it will be cool but you will never get back what you threw into it.
Some cars you have to make a call if it is worth a complete restoration or just to make it a regular driver. This mostly comes down to its condition one value which you can check on websites like Hagerty.

So, unless you have some fond memories of the early 60’s just make it a daily driver. The benefit is you can still pick up the new gas grill or a new bed, or anything that is not too heavy. Easy to park, great conversation piece, and for not too much money laid out. Win, win, win as Richard Rawlings from Fast n Loud always says. And, he’s right.

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