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The Real World Of Car Restoration And Why We Love It

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By Mark Weisseg

If this is your world I want to get in somehow. Most people would look at this and run like there hair is on fire. Me, I want to crawl inside of it. The picture also represents what restoring a fast muscle car is all about.

Forget those corny TV shows that show a spotless shop and all the available parts on a cart next to the car. It’s not how it works in the real world. You generally are on your own. Your parts are scattered all over the place and you can’t find the screwdriver you just used ten minutes ago. You uncover or discover bad workmanship of the past and hold your breath that not too many things are broken or wrong. You knew it was going to be hard work but you talked yourself into building your dream ride. All your friends have opinions now but seem to disappear when it comes time to remove the transmission.

At times you are overwhelmed and feel you really are way over your head. You write checks and use the credit card so much the cards won’t work in swipe mode. You convinced yourself you can reuse most of the parts once you clean them up and repaint them. Then, you discover you are dead wrong and need to start cruising the internet for a replacement part. Then, you find out the replacement part does not fit like the original one and you need to modify a new part. Things don’t line up, the holes are a half inch off, they feel cheap and you worry how it will look. It’s going to take you several years not six weeks like on TV.

Ever notice on those shows there is always a class clown or a doofus? At your garage there is no laughing and joking around. It’s serious stuff and you are on a creeper at ten pm on a Friday night. It seems at times your children forgot your name and your better half bitches you smell like a grease bucket. That is because you do.

But, hope is eternal and the naysayers can go on vacation, have parties, go to a movie and enjoy life. You are in restoration mode. That means when you are out of the garage and someone is talking to you all you think about is the car. A car like the one pictured here is a big project. You knew it when you dragged her home in all of your excitement.

Now, it’s the real world and you are stuck in it. No quitting, no bailing out and being a baby. It’s go time and you can do this. It may cost you cuts, bruises, soreness, sleepless nights, headaches and much more but by golly you need to do this. You swear you will never do this big of a project again. But, you and I know there is a high probability you will. You will open Craigslist and see another ’68 Road Runner with a worn out 383 and a torque flight transmission for 5k. You remind yourself you did one once before and know them inside and out. Then, sure as the day is long you make that phone call to start it all over again. Why? It’s love my brother and we love our real fast muscle cars and not the crappy Kia in the driveway. So, go forth my man and save another one from the shredder.

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